Wealth Mindset Quotes

Building a Wealth Mindset: The Ultimate Guide

“If you beg for money or resources, more begging will be increasingly required. Begging exacerbates void and lack. Instead of begging, find some people to provide value to and ensure that they pay you according to the value you provide. The creation of value will eliminate poverty and facilitate wealth – always.”

 Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr, The Wealth Reference Guide: An American Classic

“A wealth mindset is a set of beliefs, habits, and behaviors that separates the wealthy from the rest. A wealth mindset will guide us to make the most of the wealth we have. The good news is that with a little dedication, anyone can develop this mindset”

 Dr. Lucas D. Shallua, Average to Abundant: How Ordinary People Build Sustainable Wealth and Enjoy the Process

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